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Wee Music Book

The Wee Music Book (fully revised and extended 2015) has over 80 traditional and modern tunes for beginners and intermediate players. It provides tips and hints for learners, advice on looking after your fiddle and bow and has a short guide to reading music.  The tunes are all presented in colour coded notation to assist those who are not used to reading music.

Reading music is not essential. Many tunes can be learned by ear, simply by listening, remembering and repeating the notes. The benefit of reading music is that you can learn without someone having to play for you and you can go back to the book when you forget something.  Your aim should still be to play the tunes without having the music in front of you, it should be a learning tool that you also learn to do without.
To see more of the book use the links here for some extracts. They are in .pdf format.
Music Page example
Tune index